Cloud computing takes off in central government

We’ve written before about a number of cities across the globe moving to cloud computing systems for their public administration. However, central government has perhaps seemed a little more reluctant to commit to cloud computing. But no longer. Like its local counterparts, central government has many good reasons for moving to cloud-based systems. There are the economic benefits of running… Read more →

City administration technology trends survey

It is an exciting time to be part of a city administration team. The proliferation of technologies across the social, mobile, analytics and cloud(SMAC) spectrum means more services can be delivered in exciting new ways. However, the pace of change means evaluating appropriate technology needs to be also done in different ways. Relying on months long procurement processes can lead… Read more →

Will the Internet of Things(IoT) drive greater sustainability?

We believe that one of the most interesting ideas emerging from discussions about sustainable cities is the idea of citizen-generated apps, ones that individuals or companies have created to do interesting things or provide useful information in cities. And why is this especially interesting? Because it’s driven by users and because it harnesses the ‘internet of things’ to improve sustainability…. Read more →

Changing the mechanics of government

We’ve been writing recently about how both central and local government is starting to use cloud computing more effectively. Many of you have also been asking about how this new architecture could potentially speed up the release of new services. So it was really good to come across this video by Mark Foden. Mark is a change management consultant who… Read more →

Open source software maturity in public services

One of our key research objectives is to open a dialogue with government and business policy makers and software managers in order to explore the pace of adoption of open source software (OSS). The nature of OSS means that it is difficult to form a macro view and to compare a country’s progress with others. An important contribution to the… Read more →

Open source is ready for prime time. Are government IT policies?

As we discuss open source policy with a number of government officials, a remarkable pattern is emerging. Misunderstanding about open source persists. Often we found the need to pare back to basics. Simply put open source software is software that confers on users the ability to run, distribute, study and modify for any purpose. It is a collaborative software development… Read more →

European Government is Failing to Effectively Utilise OSS

A report published in October 2011 by the London School of Economics for the UK Government examines the TCO of Open Source for Government, but also examines the wider drivers and opportunities. Graham Taylor previewed this report. Open Source in Government / Graham Taylor from Open World Forum

Does WordPress for cities re-align the benchmark?

Last November, WordPress launched as the one-stop solution to start a site for cities or other municipal bodies. The toolkit includes starter content that automatically create the pages most commonly needed on city websites, such as Parks & Recreation, City Hall, and Law Enforcement, and add them to the main menu. The best part? The starter level is free…. Read more →

What do public agencies expect from cloud computing?

Cloud technology constitutes a change in computing and knowledge management, with hosted IT services delivered on a shared, internet-based platform.The real value of this type of environment is the ability to use that platform to combine data access and exchange with access to low-cost computing and applications to provide efficiency and flexibility. Agencies are starting to embrace cloud, but what… Read more →

“We’re not going to fix government until we fix citizenship”

Watching saved TED talks is now among the most productive things on can do when travelling. The 10-minute capsules are perfect for when you are at the gate before it opens, and during flights. Today, I caught up with the remarkable Jennifer Pahlka‘s talk on the work being done by Code for America fellows. It is as inspiring as it… Read more →