Joint development of public e-services in Sweden

Are electronic services in public administration a case of putting ‘lipstick on a pig’, or can they genuinely improve operational efficiency and delivery of services? It’s a question which Swedish cities asked themselves before considering any work on e-services. They concluded that business process analysis suggested that there was a place for ICT solutions in public services, which will come… Read more →

Transforming service delivery with cloud based information hub

One of the biggest challenges for local government administrators is the integration of services provided by different agencies to create better experiences for citizens. With continuing budget pressure, the need to integrate is also driven by mandate to increase efficiency. Three technology trends have the potential to underpin a better way of delivering local government services. Mobility – access to… Read more →

Will the Internet of Things(IoT) drive greater sustainability?

We believe that one of the most interesting ideas emerging from discussions about sustainable cities is the idea of citizen-generated apps, ones that individuals or companies have created to do interesting things or provide useful information in cities. And why is this especially interesting? Because it’s driven by users and because it harnesses the ‘internet of things’ to improve sustainability…. Read more →

Seoul leads again

Seoul recently topped our ranking of tech-enabled cities, and we’re not the first to give it that status. It has been top of the UN’s e-Government Survey since 2003, and is generally agreed to be one of the most ‘tech-savvy’ cities in the world. But what is it doing which is so special? Seoul is one of a growing group… Read more →

What’s next for e-government?

We are looking for 100 government practitioners to join our panel to provide feedback on research priorities. In return for your time and insights, we will make available our research for your teams’ use. Faced with budget constraints, governments at all levels are taking a hard look at how services can be delivered more cost-effectively. PublicTechViews is a research driven… Read more →

Why public sector line managers need to understand APIs

Conversations with public sector line managers over the past few weeks have highlighted the huge persistent gap between agencies that have embraced nimble IT systems and the rest. In particular, opportunities to create more effective information for their teams and their customers are being missed because the power of APIs have not been understood. So discovering this video providing an… Read more →

Spotlight on Code for America

We are big fans of TEDTalks. If you have not visited the site, it works like a clearinghouse for free knowledge and ideas from some of the world’s most inspired thinkers. TED itself is a not-for-profit organisation started in 1984 as a conference to bring together people from the spheres of technology, entertainment and design to share ideas. Since then… Read more →

Award spotlight: KLISS

Kansas Legislative Information System and Services was the recipient of the 2012 NASCIO Award for Open Government in their annual State IT Recognition awards. KLISS was developed by Propylon in partnership between the executive and legislative branches of the Kansas Government involving a complete overhaul of the Legislature’s IT systems. “One Gov” put citizens at the heart of the application,… Read more →