Cities need to prepare for more demanding customers

A recent report published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, makes some familiar points and some new ones, many of which are pertinent to cities across the world. For example, the size of the global market for smart systems for transport, energy, healthcare, waste and water has been estimated by Arup, the global consultancy company, to have the… Read more →

Online Open Government

Does ‘online open government’ sound like a tautology or, worse, a myth? As private citizens, we have embraced the way that the internet can empower us as consumers of goods from private companies. Now we’re starting to demand the same thing from the public sector. And slowly but surely, the public sector is starting to respond. In an age of… Read more →

The Inevitable tension between organic and planned growth

Most CIOs will relate to the tension between user demand-driven technology deployment, and top-down implementation based on best practices or regulatory requirements. Cities are no different. We’ve written before about the future of cities, about smart cities such as Seoul and how technology is enabling better city administration. And each time, there is a tension between what the city plans,… Read more →

The future is cities

The future lies in cities. There are very few people who would argue with that, not least because there wouldn’t be room for all of us without cities! But cities are often seen as a problem. TED Global has curated a series of talks about the future of cities which make for interesting viewing. Tech industry expert Stewart Brand notes that… Read more →