Online Open Government

Does ‘online open government’ sound like a tautology or, worse, a myth? As private citizens, we have embraced the way that the internet can empower us as consumers of goods from private companies. Now we’re starting to demand the same thing from the public sector. And slowly but surely, the public sector is starting to respond. In an age of… Read more →

Project review: ranking intelligent communities

Intelligent communities? An odd term perhaps, but one which is becoming increasingly relevant, particularly in this digitally-driven age. An intelligent community is one which is taking active steps to embrace the challenge of the broadband economy. One which is technically geared to using fast-evolving communications technologies to the benefit of local businesses, individuals and the environment. One which gains an… Read more →

Open source is ready for prime time. Are government IT policies?

As we discuss open source policy with a number of government officials, a remarkable pattern is emerging. Misunderstanding about open source persists. Often we found the need to pare back to basics. Simply put open source software is software that confers on users the ability to run, distribute, study and modify for any purpose. It is a collaborative software development… Read more →

Does WordPress for cities re-align the benchmark?

Last November, WordPress launched as the one-stop solution to start a site for cities or other municipal bodies. The toolkit includes starter content that automatically create the pages most commonly needed on city websites, such as Parks & Recreation, City Hall, and Law Enforcement, and add them to the main menu. The best part? The starter level is free…. Read more →